Fitness Fun and Photo Opportunities with FAME

FAME is coming to South Florida this weekend! The Fitness Expo is an amazing weekend of events, competitions, and photo opportunities.

Order your tickets here:

Or gain free admission by donating to a worthy cause. FAME is offering free tickets for attendees to come out to the event with a $2 donation to the Drug Free Sports Association.

All the details are below:

The Drug Free Sports Association (DFSA) is thrilled to offer YOU
for the inspirational and electrifying
Fort Lauderdale, FL – Nov 6 & 7, 2009

Our FAME stage features Individuals from around the world including: 

* Amy Barnes – featured on The Today Show, Amy used to weigh 490 lbs., is a survivor of domestic violence, and is now a Fitness Model! She represents true motivation for anyone to sculpt the body of their desire despite any circumstance!

* Honnor Moore – once wheelchair-ridden due to illness (Rheumatoid Arthritis), Honnor chose to live Body Proud. Now she’s ready to WALK on stage to victory!

* Richard Sequin – 70 year old grandfather – and natural bodybuilding competitor – Richard credits healthy eating and activity to keeping him young so he can compete in the SuperMasters category.

* Julie Perez – paralyzed after being hit by a drunk driver, Julie chose to believe in herself and the power of the mind and now she feels better than ever! She’s ready to strut across the FAME.

Be Part of this Celebration of Triumphs and Transformations!!

Thanks to the Drug Free Sports Association (DFSA), its Body Proud Athlete Fund, Muscles Making a Difference Everywhere Campaign and the Amy Barnes Peaceful Homes Everywhere Fund for making this happen!

Details (Venue, Times): or

VIP Passes Available:, $25 – $45

Get Your Free Tickets: or at door *** Mention DFSA

All that is required is a $2 donation to the DFSA.

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