"Dancer as Model" – Taking Steps to Finding New Subjects

If you ever find a pretty ballet dancer (really, any dancer, but I find the ballet dancers are more highly trained) that might be interested in modeling, jump at the opportunity! Dancers are trained to move gracefully, and that will make your photographs look great!

Recently I had the chance tp photograph Mary, an accomplished ballet dancer, just before she left for college. Mary is a very pretty young lady who had not previously considered photographic modeling. However, when I suggested some model pics as part of a dance shoot I did for her, she agreed.

She was a “natural”, and the accompanying photographs speak for themselves. She was so good that I even used her for a fashion photography workshop I taught a short time after our shoot.

I am looking forward to Mary coming back from college on her breaks, so we can explore some additional aspects of photographic modeling.

By Don Becker of www.dbCreativeImages.com (OMP #155)

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