Sabrina is the OMP Hot Model of the Week!

Sabrina (OMP Model #290914) is an experienced model with five years in the industry. Being half Italian, her family gave her a traditional Italian name – they actually named her after a princess!

This UK beauty actually got scouted while she was out shopping with her mum, and has been in constant demand ever since. She has been featured in publications and competitions such as the Daily Star, Planet Muscle, and Zoo Magazine.

Sabrina discovered One Model Place when she first started modeling. “A photographer from the UK photographer introduced me to OMP. Being a member of the site has allowed me to promote myself on a higher level. I have booked many jobs from OMP and met some wonderful people in the industry through this online community.”

Her beauty secrets include eating healthy and putting on her best smile, which usually lights up the photo studio all by itself. While the photographers are focusing on her, Sabrina focuses on things that make her happy and feel good. “I do concentrate on giving the best poses and looks, to get the best results for the photographer. Everyone wants different types of pictures, so I try to give them something that might be missing from their portfolio.”

Sabrina has learned that there are many rewards and challenges to modeling. “Modeling is not easy, but it does allow you to travel to other countries and see your work is being used on an international market. Also, I love meeting new people — I have made some wonderful friends in the industry. The challenges include taking care of yourself and not taking casting calls too personally every time.”

The bright-eyed brunette offers some advice for models just starting out. “If you ever feel like giving up, remember that a successful modeling career is definitely worth the effort. Keep following your dreams!”

Photo of Sabrina OMP Model #290914 courtesy of Onyx Photography OMP Member #98981

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