Fuller Figure Models Hit the London Runway

As reported by Bee-Chyuan Chang on www.stylelist.com, designer Mark Fast is taking a chance (and creating a stir) not only for his body-conscious knitwear, but also for his decision to use three “normal-sized” models: UK sizes 12 and 14 (US 8 and 10) at the London Fashion Week Spring 2010 show.

Two people who seemingly did not support Fast’s stand against the ultra-skinny runway norm were his stylist and casting director, who each quit two days before the show.

The designer’s managing director, Amanda May, was quoted as saying there were “creative differences with regards to casting. There’s this idea that only slim and slender women are able to wear Mark’s dresses and he wanted to combat that.”

Stylist Erika Kurihara argued that the creative differences weren’t over size at all. Kurihara tells London Evening Standard, “Two of the bigger girls, although their faces were beautiful and their bodies beautiful, did not have the right walk for the catwalk. The walk is very important and I wasn’t happy. Mark was very upset that I didn’t share his vision, as he saw it, so he asked me to leave.”

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Photo by Ian Gavan, Getty Images

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