eXposure is the New Online Magazine of OneModelPlace.com

One Model Place would like to announce that it is partnering with eXposure Online Magazine to offer a new quarterly edition for OMP members. This will take the place of SNAP! monthly magazine. The first OMP issue is scheduled to go online November 1st, check back often for updates and previews…

Webmaster Brett Cramer says, “The addition of eXposure Online Magazine is a great resource the OMP Community. Each edition will feature industry news and interviews, technical advice, and some of the best photography on our site.”

If any models or members of OMP want to submit articles or images for review, please send them directly to Editor Flemming Kroll (OMP Member #233499) at fkr@exposureonline.dk

You can also check out past editions at www.exposureonline.dk

And you can find archive editions of SNAP! Magazine here: http://www.onemodelplace.com/newsletter.cfm

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