Sarah is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

The amazing models featured in the OMP Blog are so hot, that some of them automatically qualify as Hot Model of the Week! Such is the case with Sarah (OMP Model #189224), whose gorgeous eyes, luscious lips, incredible body, and laidback personality make her the ideal subject for photographers around the world.

Modeling for four years, she got her start as a model through, coincidentally enough. “I found One Model Place randomly while doing an Internet search. I was searching for model agencies online while sitting on my couch eating pizza when I found OMP! So I decided to upload a picture of myself. I slowly built up my portfolio from there.”

OMP opened her eyes to a whole new world of modeling that she never knew existed. “I thought the only way to be a model was to be 90 lbs, 6’5″, and wait outside an agency in New York until they decided you weren’t a piece of crap. Although modeling outside the major markets is completely different, OMP does give opportunities for girls such as myself to pursue it professionally.”

One glance at the diversity of Sarah’s portfolio will tell you that this is no ordinary model. “I like to do all styles of modeling for different reasons, but I definitely like to do any modeling that requires me to portray an emotion or character that requires me to go out of my box. My favorite photo shoot was probably a shoot I had done with Navid for a candy company called ItSugar. For one shot, I was dressed up and Marie Antoinette and had a 20lb licorice wig on my head. The shot turned out amazing! I also got to have some fun with some over-the-top facial expressions, like a sour-puss face.”

Sarah recently relocated to Reno, NV, and is enjoying her new life in the Biggest Little City in the World. But while she has travel extensively for photo assignments in the past, she recently decided to put away her rolling suitcase for a while and focus on her future career goals. “I’m in grad school, so I don’t have a lot of time for fun things like modeling. Up until last year, though, I was flying anywhere from once every couple months to four or more times a month. It all depended on how much work I put into booking shoots. I could work as little or as much as I wanted.”

Sarah wants to pass along some tips for models who are planning to travel for modeling work. “Make sure you check references before going anywhere where you put yourself at risk. Make sure you have communicated enough so that both parties are clear as far as boundaries, expectations, payment, usage, etc. It’s not a bad idea for models to have photographers sign a contract before hand — photographers do it all the time, why can’t we?”

She feels that the rewards of modeling are too numerous to mention, but gave us a short list of her favorite aspects of the career: “First, the opportunity to have other people make you look beautiful. You just show up in pajamas, clean, plucked eyebrows, and nice nails and the rest is up to them! Second, you get to be anyone you want to be! Three, as I mentioned, you do get to travel a lot. Before I got into modeling, I had only flown once in my life. Now I can’t even count how many times I have flown and the places I have seen. Finally, being a model is great because you get to meet amazing, creative, and fun people all over the world!”

Sarah also lists a few of her personal challenges as a model: “It is difficult to find enough time to model as much as I would like, having to deal with angry people at the airport, and negotiating fees without sounding like a jerk. Another tough situation to be in as a model is when you have to work with anyone that doesn’t get the mix of fun and work in this business, and views it too much as one or the other.”

Her future plans as a model are up in the air, as a real career looms on the horizon. “I’m not quite sure where my modeling will lead to at this point. I may be going for my doctorate soon, so modeling may have to continue to take a back seat. But I think no matter what age, I will still always stay in the modeling scene one way or another. I’m also considering getting in on the photographer side of things and helping out new models.”

She offers the following advice for young models just entering the business. “Never miss an opportunity to learn, which is all the time. Constantly look for ways to improve from good sources of information including the photographer, MUAs, stylists, other models, and especially you own photos.”

You can view Sarah’s online portfolio here or vist her personal website at

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