Missouri Photographer Jason Ruark Strives for High-End Glamour Success

Jason Ruark of Silver Dreams (OMP Member #91114) has worked as a photographer for the last five years. He got his start in photography as a favor to a friend. “I knew a model who was not receiving good treatment by agencies or photographers. As a favor, I shot some images of her for a job submission. The images that were submitted allowed the model to obtain the job. She was ecstatic and asked me if I would do all of her future shoots! So I jumped in with out any knowledge of the business and taught myself not only photography and how to be an effective agent.”

His favorite style of shooting is high-end glamour. “I feel there is an art to taking a picture that leaves your audience captivated and desiring more. I believe that any image that is sexy, provocative, suggestive, and alluring — while retaining class and morality — is an awesome image. You give them just enough to wonder if they are going to see more in the next image or just enough to keep them coming back for more while not sacrificing your morality.”

Jason points out that since each model is different, they usually have different ideas on what is artistic or how they look in a
photo. “The number one key to a good image is a comfortable model. If the model is not comfortable in her outfit or her settings, you’re not going to get a good image. I spend at least 30 minutes with a model in a public area where she can ask any questions or concerns he or she has. I also give them information about me, and give them a feel for what I look for and how I work. Essentially I break the ice and get acquainted with them on more of a personal level.”

The Missouri resident relates that the inspiration behind his work are the smiles and excitement his clients gets from the images he takes. “I thrive to see everyone happy with the end result — the joy of knowing that my clients or subjects or fans loves a particular image, and the fact that I can produce something for someone that not everyone else can. And I am always striving to be better, I want to be a well known magazine photographer or free lance publication photographer. Either way I want to be a household name in the international industry.”

Jason discovered One Model Place through one of the models he worked with. “OMP is the largest online model community and has been a great resource for networking. The OMP email system makes contacting a model or client very easy and productive. The tools that are available with a Platinum Account makes my job so much easier. Anyone who is not a OMP member simply is cheating themselves out of a efficient tool that would better their carrer as either a photographer or a model.”

To Jason, all the models he has worked with are all are unique and special in their own way. “Each model has a certain style that makes them the model they are. I have a lot of respect for the models I work with, for some people who look at this industry its appears to be a easy job or profession, but it’s harder than it looks and there are a lot of behind the scenes preparations that many people do not see or even know about. I have a lot of respect for anyone who models, they really work hard.”

His advice to beginning photographer is simple and straightforward. “Do what you love. Do not try to copy or mimic other photographers. Create your own style, that way you can express yourself as an artist. You can, however, find someone’s work you like and ask them for any helpful information from them that will help you. Don’t spend money on classes that are overpriced — use that money to buy equipment!”

Image of Jessica Leigh OMP Model #186958 by Jason Ruark of Silver Dreams OMP Member #91114.

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