Annie Leibovitz Faces Lifetime Achievement Status and Banruptcy Blues

As reported in by Andrew Goldman, celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is currently $24 million in debt, despite a successful career taking movie and music star portraits for the past 40 years.

Goldman relates that Leibovitz clearly hated what a lifetime-achievement award implied—that her best days were behind her. “Photography is not something you retire from,” the 59-year-old Leibovitz said from the stage, accepting the honor from the International Center of Photography last May at Pier 60. She was turned out in a simple black dress and glasses, her long straight hair a little unruly, as usual. Photographers, she said, “live to a very old age” and “work until the end.” She noted that Lartigue lived to be 92, Steichen 93, and Cartier-Bresson 94. “Irving Penn is going to be 92 next month, and he’s still working.” Then her tone turned rueful. “Seriously, though, this really is a big deal,” she said, hoisting her Infinity Award statuette, her voice quavering to the point where it seemed she might cry. “It means so much to me, you know, especially right now. It’s, it’s a very sweet award to get right now. I’m having some tough times right now, so … ”

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Photo by John Keatley/Redux

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