OMP Main Image — NOW IN 3D!

Your Main Image on One Model Place says a lot about you as a model, a photographer, a designer or artist. But if one picture saying 1,000 words, how many words can you get with 500 pictures?

Now you can highlight your whole portfolio, a particular category or all your Showcase images by going to the Preferences option on the far right of the Manage My Portfolio Bar and choosing Portfolio Preferences and clicking on 3D Wall/Main Image Options. From there you can choose how many or what category of images you want displayed.

Once you save your choices, your Main Image window will be filled with all your best work. Remember though to keep your Main Image PG13 if contacting minors, since the Main Image you select will still appear in email and next to your portfolio comments and image comments.

NOTE: You may need to select “Enhanced Portfolio Option” in the Portfolio Style Selector section if you haven’t already.

Portfolio example courtesy of —

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  1. CarbonGraphx says:

    Cool Feature…

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