Michael Smith’s Carbon Graphx Creates Dreamstates with OMP Models

Michael Smith of Carbon Graphx (OMP Member #111038) started taking photographs when his parents gave him a Kodak Bellows camera as a kid, and he’s been shooting ever since.

“My true interest in photography began when I actually noticed the world around me. The fact that I could alter that view by manipulating the image in the chemicals and in the printing process made me feel like I could control my viewpoint. Now, with the advent of digital photography, my creative world is unfettered. I am now able to change the captured image of the world around me and bend it to my twisted artistic viewpoint.”

Although he shoots a variety of styles, Michael’s favorite subjects have all been female. “I enjoy shooting women, without thought of style. Shooting a woman who is relaxed, confident and experienced really is a pleasure. I feel I am just capturing what’s in front of me and the skill is really in the model. I shoot many things in our business — but shooting women is my favorite.”

He believes a successful shoot starts with communication. “You need to be honest, direct and to-the-point with the model. Allow the model to relax in the thoughts that you discuss with her, and let her become the image you are trying to capture. Then the added elements of her personality will serve as the cherry on the top.”

Michael’s casting process helps match the model with the theme. “The concept of the shoot is never set in stone – they will change within the shoot and with the models as we work. The final image will be determined by both what the model does with my thought and my abilities to capture the image. But the model is truly the artist. My photo-editing concepts can be described in one word: dreamstates.”

His choice to join One Model Place came after doing much research online. “I settled on One Model Place after carefully searching online for the most professional, well-run site I could find. OMP has become a home for my portfolio and a place to network. The direction suggested by the mods and many other members have helped sharpen my artistic efforts. Until I found OMP, it was a hit-and-miss situation for me — locating models, talking to them before the shoots, etc. Thanks to OMP, I was able to work with one of the best visual artists, Jeffrey Scott 1019 (OMP Member #25854) who is a phenomenal artist and a direct, to the point Mentor. I owe much to One Model Place.”

He feels that his luck with OMP models has been pretty solid, noting that they seem to take photo shoots seriously. “I have shot many OMP models, all of whom were professional and self-motivated. All of the OMP models I have used are highly recommended and have given me many wonderful images.” Some of his favorites include:

– “Colette (OMP Model #269439) was an unknown for me at first, because of her age… my wife talked me into shooting her and I have never regretted it. Colette is professional, sweet and very instinctive, fun to shoot and a wicked sense of humor. Also, her mom is very supportive.”

– “Tavia (OMP Model #41145) spent weeks shooting with me. She is professional, competent, a photographer’s dream if there ever cold be one.”

– “Cassandra (OMP Model #285186) was my introduction through OMP to a truly professional model. She is exotic, totally comfortable, self-motivated and able to fulfill any photographers theme or idea for a photographic shoot.”

West Coast-based Michael relates that he is “endlessly” traveling for photo assignments. “My job takes me around the world – including Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba. So many beautiful women, so little time! We are an entertainment industry-based company, so we work with many studios, pre and post-production houses, the exhibition industry, and other venues. My photography is intertwined throughout our business.”

His advice for photographers just starting out is straightforward. “Always make the image mirror your artistic viewpoint – a rule hammered home by 1019. And keep on shooting as long as it is fun!“

Image of Tavia OMP Model #41145 courtesy of Michael Smith of Carbon Graphx OMP Member #111038

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