Hot Model of the Day Lexi Lights Up the Chicago Modeling Scene

Lexi (OMP Model #332608) has only been posing for photos for about two years, but once you see her portfolio, you know you are looking at a seasoned professional with presence and poise.

The tall, intense teen got her start in modeling while accompanying a friend to a photo shoot in her hometown of Chicago. The photographer her friend was shooting with is now Lexi’s manager, John Kramer of JLK Images (OMP Member #8452).

Being a model in Chicago is a lot of fun, Lexi relates.”There are so many amazing photographers that I have worked with, and it seems like there are an endless amount of them because I am always meeting new ones in the city. I say the same thing about Chicago models. There are some gorgeous women in Chicago, which only makes you keep yourself in better shape because the competition is so fierce!”

Lexi describes herself as very outgoing and versatile. “I love trying out new concepts and modeling is definitely a great way of expressing yourself. IÂ like doing artistic nudes. I have always been comfortable with my body and a big fan of art so it came pretty naturally to me. I think women’s bodies are sexy, I love the curves and the art of it. I also really enjoy new ideas that are a little bit more edgy.”

She does point out that there are some challenges to shooting nudes. “Making them look classy or artsy without looking trashy/porn-like can be difficult. That may be what some people go for, but my particular taste is more artistic.”

Her penchant for doing nudes led her to getting noticed by the staff at Playboy.”I submitted photos to Playboy, and they invited me to schedule an appointment for the Chicago casting. After the casting I was really nervous because they were only choosing 10 girls to be in the top group out of the hundreds that showed up. So I was so relieved when I got the email that my pictures were going to be featured on their Cyber Club. As of right now, Playboy is still traveling the country doing other castings, but I am confident that great things will come from being in the Chicago Top 10.”

One Model Place has been a fan of Lexi’s since she joined the site, and according to her, the feeling is mutual. “OMP was the first — and best — modeling site that I signed up with. My manager had a profile and so did every other model I came across. So I checked it out and loved it. Everything was so easy and fun on the site!”

OMP has helped Lexi promote her career in many ways. “I have booked so many jobs through OMP. The way the site is set up makes it so easy for photographer’s to check me out, and for me to visit their profiles. I love the direct messages that get sent to my email. It is so convenient!”

The beautiful blond offers some advice for models just starting out in the business. “I would tell beginning models to definitely start a page with OMP. You can join for free, but eventually you’re going to want at least a Silver Level membership. You come up in a lot more searches, and you can add more photos of yourself, which is what people are going to want to see before they book you!”

As for models who want to shoot nudes, Lexi encourages them to go for it. “A woman’s body is really a beautiful thing, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you are comfortable with yourself and with taking off your clothes, then make sure you do it the way you want to!”

Lexi’s future goals as a model are an indication that she is serious about making a name for herself in the industry. “My current project is working my way into Playboy and soon after that I would like to book some high fashion runway assignments. I think one benefit of being a model is traveling, so I’m hoping to take advantage of that by trying to do some more of it this year. Modeling is a lot of fun for me and it is something that I am going to keep striving to be better at until it’s no longer fun for me, which I don’t see happening anytime soon!”

Image of Lexi OMP Model #332608 courtesy of JLK Images OMP Member #8452

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