Calling All Scrubs!

According to, the television sitcom “Scrubs” has officially started casting the three new med students exec producer Bill Lawrence first told me about last month. Details are as follows…

LUCY: A 22-year-old, all-American girl from a working class family. Her entire family has sacrificed all their hopes and dreams on her success. She has a nervous habit of lying about mundane things in an effort to connect with people. Series regular.

DREW: A 30-year-old scruffy yet attractive student. Think a younger Bill Murray. This is his last shot of making a go of this med school thing – and he knows it. On the surface he’s cool and a bit of a wise-ass. Deep down, he’s neurotic and terrified of failing again. Series regular.

COLE: A 22-year-old charming, conservative, insanely entitled med student. Seems like a sweetheart at first but he’s really an ass. His wealthy family donated a wing to the med school and he has a residency slot waiting for him at Sacred Heart when he graduates. Competitive, manipulative, reckless and an enormous irritant to Dr. Cox. Series regular.

Think you might fit one of the roles Get your headshot into the Scrubs casting office today!

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