Carlotta is the OMP Hot Model of the Day!

Having worked in the industry for the past six years, Carlotta (OMP Model #149902) is an experienced model who instantly transforms anyone’s images into works of art. Her unique diversity allows her to work in a variety of styles and fit into many different categories.

“I have modeled for many genres of work — fine art, glamour, beauty, lingerie, even fetish! I think I would call myself an erotic model because I seem to present a hint of sexuality in all of my images, no matter how reserved I may try to be. My favorite genre to model for is fine art nudes because I feel that it is my most natural state, and I achieve a sense of satisfaction from knowing I am inspiring someone to create true art.”

Fans of Carlotta can meet the model at Glamourcon, an industry convention that will be held in Chicago on August 15-16 and Los Angeles on Nov. 14-15. “I have attended the Chicago Glamourcon every year since I made it into the pages of Playboy. I find it is a great way to become connected with fans, and make contacts within the industry.” For more details, visit

The Florida resident was posing for some local artists and friends involved in the arts when she decided to take her hobby to the next level. “A photographer and a model both mentioned I should check out The site helped launch me from an amateur to a well-known working model.”

Promoting herself on OMP has been very helpful to Carlotta’s success. “Within 24 hours of signing up, I was literally overwhelmed with emails, and then a career blossomed from there! The travel notices on the site help me find work when I’m on the road, the atmosphere is overall very professional, and the contacts I have made with the people on the site are endless.”

Her favorite assignments include being published in Playboy Magazine. “I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot many times for Playboy. They are a wonderful company. I think I am most proud of getting the cover of a book called ‘My Favorite Model,’ as it features over 40 amazing models. To be chosen for the cover is just incredibly flattering.”

It seems like everything in Carlotta’s life revolves around photoshoots. “To prepare, I get my nails done, my hair done, and look for new wardrobe. The whole process of being prepared takes weeks! I don’t generally work locally, so I have to schedule flights, book hotels, rent cars — it’s a huge ordea. Showing up and modeling is the easy part!”

Well, not that easy. Some of the positions Carlotta finds herself in are more difficult that they appear. “I always have to make sure my facial expressions correspond well with my body positioning. Sometimes a pose can really hurt, and you have to be aware that your face still needs to look at ease.”

She does feel that the good parts of modeling outweigh the bad for the most part. “I get to travel, meet amazing artists from all over the world, and the money doesn’t hurt either! The whole process is challenging, though! Being away from home for weeks at a time, pushing your body into wild yoga poses, being sore frequently. Although the job seems glamorous, there is a lot of work involved!”

Her advice for models just starting out includes “being professional, honoring your commitments, and showing up on time.”

Image of Carlotta OMP Model #149902 courtesy of Seraphim Studios OMP Member #29988

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