OMP Announces the Passing of Member Chester Victor

REST IN PEACE: It is with deep regret that OMP announces the passing Chester “Chet” Victor, who died this spring after recovering from surgery. His dear friend Justyna reported that he passed away on April 10th at 9pm.

Chester was a freelance photographer and web designer with 15-plus years experience. He enjoyed working with others who shared his creative desire and drive to bring out the best in everything they do. He always strived to bring a different perspective to his images, which will leave him a lasting legacy.

His most recent achievement and greatest pride was working on “The Never Ending Beauty Project.” The project was set up to help out battered and abused women through the NCADV website.

His One Model Place portfolio is filled with lovely and evocative nudes, glamour, and nature photos. It has garnered over six million views, and will be maintained so that fans of Chet’s work can revisit his images again and again.

Here is more information on Chet from his partner Justyna.

“We used to live together as a couple, and the last half year I was the only person that helped him. Chet had been sick since September 2008, staying in ICU as well attending regular visits. He was also struggling on a daily basis from a stressful situation with his landlord. Chet was very ill and still tried to pay his bills, but it made him totally exhausted and stressed both mentally and physically while trying to pursue his career goals in NYC. He needed daily nursing care that was promised since he got back to Minnesota, but he did not receive it.”

Photo of Chester Victor above by Justyna Pawluczuk (OMP Model 299552)

Click here to visit Chet’s OMP Portfolio #43426

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