Autumn Wishes You a Happy, Sexy Summer!

Autumn (OMP Model #295792) has been modeling for two years, and she got her start on One Model Place. “I hadn’t done any real modeling until I joined OMP. Once I set up my portfolio, local photographers wrote me wanting to set up shoots, so I just went for it and found out it’s something I love to do. I was inspired to try to make great images when I saw the photographers’ pages and other models’ amazing portfolios, and I’m still trying!”

In addition to fashion and beauty, this New Haven, Connecticut resident has a penchant for artistic nudes. “One of Autumn’s favorite things about nude modeling is it allows her to work with new and creative people and getting to try new things. I also love being nude in nature — it’s liberating!”

Autumn has no specific future goals as a model, but she definitely has a positive outlook. “I’m just seeing where it takes me and having fun along the way.” She does, however, have some suggestions for other young models starting out. “Modeling is all about attitude, no matter who you are. So just have fun, relax, experiment, and be safe.”

You can also check out Autumn on her personal website

Image of Autumn OMP Model #295792 courtesy of Dave L. OMP Member #2579

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