Isabella is Today’s Hot Model

Isabella (OMP Model #312637) is a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day — gorgeous as all get out but also down-to-earth and accessible. She makes a great new addition to our OMP Hot Model of the Day gallery.

This New York-based beauty has been modeling since she was 18 years old. She relates, “I really enjoy modeling because I am a very artistic person. My favorite photographers are creative,intuitive, and out of the ordinary. I lean towards images that are eye-catching instead of the ones you could see any day.”

Her nationality is 1/2 Native American (Seneca tribe) and 1/2 German, and she calls herself a “true chameleon. I can pull of any hair color, and clothing style, and any style of modeling. If I haven’t tried a style before, I will give 110% effort to pull it off. If you have any ideas of something new for me to try, please let me know, because I get tired of repeating similar styles. I’m always looking for ways to change my look and style to create a truly diverse portfolio.”

Image of Isabella OMP Model #312637 courtesy of Tom deLombarde of Point Source Photography OMP Member #7197

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  1. Heavenlybabespecialfriend says:

    ~♛H∃AVENLY™ is my Today's Hot Model OMP Model #144414

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