Jannah is OMP’s Hot Model of the Day

Just Jannah (OMP Model #74943) is more than just a pretty girl — she is an accomplished model who has been modeling since she was 18. She would have started earlier, but she didn’t have access to One Model Place before then. “My mother finally got a computer in our house when I turned 18, and I started researching modeling information because it was something I had always wanted to pursue. That’s when I found OMP and it all began.”

This Texas beauty has in a short time filled her resume with many impressive credits, including Playboy and Mystique Magazine. “I am very into what I do. It’s a passion, a hobby, and an enjoyment — not a job! There is nothing like two creative spirits coming together to create something beautiful.”

She has a full checklist when preparing for photo shoots and assignments. “I do everything from tanning to hair, nails, wardrobe, make-up, exercise, diet… you name it!”

Jannah relates that the modeling lifestyle does come with its share of rewards and challenges. “The rewards include a lot of traveling — usually I don’t even get to unpack before I’m headed somewhere else! Also the awesome images that are created, and getting to meet some really cool people. But there are also some challenges, including lonely nights in hotel rooms away from your family.”

Speaking of family, Jannah is a working mom with two young children. “It has definitely been challenging starting a family so young in the middle of my dream. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have the best of both worlds, and not too many can say the same!”

As for advice for models just starting out, Jannah offers, “Make sure it’s something you really want because it will take a dedication like no other. You must live and breathe this industry, or you will lose your chance to a girl who will.”

Jannah is grateful to One Model Place for helped her get where she is at, “OMP is mega! Everything started here. One word – networking!”

To see Jannah’s online portfolio, visit OMP Model #74943

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