Inspirational Art Model Anne is a Muse to Many

Ohio resident Anne (OMP Model #334021) has only been modeling a year and a half, but you couldn’t tell from her amazing portfolio of images. Her lovely look — as seen in the amazing photo by Tom deLombarde of Point Source Photography (OMP Member #7197) — makes her the muse of choice for artistically-inclined photographers.

This willowy brunette got her start on One Model Place after being told many times that she could be a model. “I did a little research, found OMP, posted some self-taken pics, and stared getting jobs. I got my first shoot from One Model Place, so OMP was definitely the jumpstart of my career!”

While she admits that she really doesn’t think of herself as a model, others in the industry would tend to disagree. “I think I’m pretty versatile and open-minded. I tend to shoot alot of artistic nude and glamour nude shoots. And I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful photographers!”

Anne likes to prepare for a photo shoot using relaxation methods. “I really just try to relax. I don’t have to mentally prepare or anything like that. I eat light, make sure I have some ideas in mind, and just relax.” During shoots, she concentrates on the concept and emotion of each shot, as well as body and hand placement.

Her advice for models just starting out is very specific. “Have a clear vision of what types of images you won’t shoot, and don’t be coerced into anything you’re not comfortable with. Check references! And don’t be a diva! Remember, you’re a new model… so be open to shooting TFP with decent photographers and working at building your portfolio. Don’t expect to get paid right away.”

She points out the rewards and challenges of modeling. “One of the rewards is definitely producing great images. Being able to be creative and collaborate with amazing artists. The challenges include the long hours that are sometimes required… being away from my son and husband when I travel is difficult.”

Image of Anne OMP Model #334021 courtesy of Tom deLombarde of Point Source Photography OMP Member #7197

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