Houston is Hometown for Hot Model Katye

Katye (OMP Model #208808) is a stunning model who has worked in the business for three years. Having recently relocated to her hometown of Houston, Texas, she finds that she is doing less traveling for assignments these days. That doesn’t mean she will turn down offers to travel, however. “For exceptional assignments, I would be willing to fly anywhere. I love to travel. I absolutely love shooting on location!”

Katye discovered One Model Place through some of my photographer and model friends who were already on the site. “OMP has been a great resource for meeting new photographers and models who I would have never had the opportunity to get to know otherwise.”

Ironically, she did not have plans to become a model until the opportunity presented itself to her in college. “I was actually approached by a photographer in a mall. My twin sister and I did the shoot together and had a blast. I realized then that I would need to have a lot of practice in order to actually become a good model. It wasn’t until almost 10 years later, when I moved to Los Angeles, that my modeling career began. I started shooting with a few photographers here and there, and fell in love with the creative aspect of it!”

As a model, Katye relates that she is very easy to work with. “I realize that it is my responsibility as a model to be reliable and to be able to morph myself into what I need to be in order to capture the mood and the essence of the shoot. My favorite style of shooting would probably be glamour. However, I love any shoot where I get to use my creative energy and ideas.”

Her favorite assignment was with talented photographer and painter John Vargas. “We did a bodypaint calendar for the World Cup. It was about eight hours of body painting and only 2 hours of shooting but we had a blast! My other favorites are with photographers who have become good friends of mine like Tracy Hicks where we can just get together and produce crazy, sexy pics!”

The blonde beauty says that preparing for a photo shoot is a lot like preparing for a first date. “You have to make sure you’re shaved in all the right places, have a super sexy spray tan and be sure to come prepared with backup wardrobe and accessories!”

One of the biggest rewards of modeling to Katye is the final product. “When you work really hard on a shoot, it’s great when you finally get to see the outcome after post-production and final editing. It’s always so amazing to me to see the different styles and talents of each photographer you work with.”

She has the following advice for models that are just starting out. “I would definitely tell them to know their body! It’s so important to practice your facial expressions as well as body movements in order to know which angles and positions are best for you!”

Image of Katye OMP Model #208808 by Tracy Hicks

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