Natalia is OMP’s Hot Model of the Day

Natalia (OMP Model #176444) is OMP’s Hot Model of the Day! This busy beauty has been traveling around the globe, and is currently on the 2009 Verizon Wireless North East “Latino” promotional tour.

This Florida model is also an actress, and can be seen in the feature film “Spanish Woman’s Guide to Finding a Good Man.” The movie will be showcased in the Philadelphia Urban Film Festival from June 17–20. For more details, visit

Colombian-born, Natalia was a swimming champion in her childhood. She has performed in theater and soap operas. Her family moved to Chicago in 2000, where she won a Chicago Beauty pageant, worked in the editorial of “Vision” newspaper, and was the lead singer of “Magica Juventud” group.

Natalia had a speaking role in the film “To Kill A Killer” from director Ricardo Islas in 2004 ( After relocating to Miami, Natalia attended CIFALC with acting director Aquiles Ortega.

Meanwhile, modeling opportunities led her to appear in print ads for “New Times,” “New Herald,” and “Maxim Magazine.” In 2007, she walked the runway for the “Victoria Secret’s” Fashion Show” in Orlando.

She has been featured in TV commercials for Toyota, Ford, Lincoln Navigator, and CoverGirl. Behind the scenes, Natalia has produced movies, short films, music videos, photo shoots and fashion shows. Natalia starred in many films such as “Quarter ‘Til Eight” (shown in 15 Film Festivals around the US), “The Polorican,” “Push,” “The Door,” and “New and Used.”

At of South Florida, Natalia trained in “Acting for Film where discovered the love for writing and the vision to produce her own films. “The Neighbor,” the first film she wrote, produced and starred on, is schedule to premiere this fall, 2009.

Natalia is also pursuing a musical career as well. she has written close to 100 songs and is working on her debut album.

Visit Natalia’s OMP portfolio at or check out her website at

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