Posing Guide in the Spotlight

Many One Model Place members have purchased the “Guide to Posing the Female Body.” Now it is going to be featured on international television! The book will be spotlighted on the U.K. series “The Graham Norton Show” which takes a lighthearted look at celebrities and newsworthy events. We’re not sure if the host will try some of the flexible poses himself, but one thing is sure — this is the perfect way to strengthen OMP’s international status. So if you currently get the BBC broadcast (or can watch it on BBC America), stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for a little book with a lot of fans!

“Guide to Posing the Female Body” can be purchased in the OMP Store by visiting


(Insider Tip: There is also a CD version of the Posing Guide with even more poses available for purchase down toward the bottom of the page!)

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