Tennessee Teen Karina Ashley Focuses On Her Modeling Goals

Karina Ashley (OMP Model #307377) has been modeling for two years, and can’t imagine doing anything else.

She prefers photo assignments where there is a challenge involved. “My favorite shoots are the ones that are different. I am definitely a bit of a risk taker. I had a shoot in late March and I was so ready to shoot outside, so we went to a natural springs and took bathing suit shots. Everyone of course was saying it was too cold — it was only about 55 degrees outside – but I did not care, I got in anyway! We got some awesome images and even got a showcase on one of them. So it was worth it to me to do the not-so-pleasant shoot sometimes, if you end up producing an image that shows your determination.”

The Tennessee teen relates that One Model Place has helped her showcase her work and develop as a model. “I have gotten to meet some amazing models and photographers through OMP as well.”

Karina has gotten a lot of recognition from top agencies such as Ford and Ikon, as well as several other companies. Her future goals in modeling are to pursue editorial assignments and walk the runways for top designers in New York and Milan.

Here are Karina’s excellent suggestions for other young models trying to break into the business. “My advice to other young models is stay focused on your goals. Take care of your body, skin, and hair. Practice your posing. Network and use OMP to get out there and meet new photographers and models. Get as much time in front of the camera as you can — that is where you will learn the most.”

She has a few final optimistic observations. “Have confidence in yourself! Modeling is way more than a beautiful face — it is about showing your personality. And remember — OMP makes it very easy to network, leave comments, and get the photographers to notice you.”

Images of Karina Ashley OMP Model #307377 by Anthony’s Art World OMP Member #218679

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