Fashion Show Brings Professional Projects to the Runway

Bravo will be airing “The Fashion Show” on Thursday (10 p.m. EDT) in place of “Project Runway,” which will now be seen on Lifetime. The new reality show features designer Isaac Mizrahi, singer Kelly Rowland and IMG Fashion Vice President Fern Mallis of New York Fashion Week.

“The Fashion Show” features professional designers, online sales of the winning weekly outfits, and a retail line for the season winner.

Mizrahi relates, “As a judge, I am looking first for integrity. I can’t tell yet about niches that people will fit into, but we have to train them to think properly and then think about the marketplace aspect. The difference with our show from other shows is that we have an audience that votes every week and they say some brutal things.”

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AP File Photo of Isaac Mizrahi

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