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Angel (OMP Model #106020) started modeling four years ago, after she was approached at the mall by a model scout. “I went online to see if the company was legit, and I found One Model Place. I took some pictures in the backyard,
posted them on OMP, and have been modeling ever since. Photographers saw my pictures and I started building my book.”

The Detroit, Michigan model loves to shoot creative images involving fashion, beauty, and makeup. She also enjoys location shoots in interesting places. Some of her favorite assignments include shooting for FPStyle, Brickers-Tunis Furs, Rite Aid Nationwide, and Avlon.

OMP has helped Angel’s career in many ways. “As I mentioned, OMP is where I got my start, so that is how it has helped me the most. It gave me the tools I needed to get started. Also, being cast in the pilot for the OMP-sponsored reality series “Shut Up and Model” was fun and definitely a learning experience for me as a new model.”

The “Shut Up and Model” shoot featured Angel and a group of sexy competitors posing for photo shoots and competing in challenges. “We had a lot of fun. It was nice to get out and meet models and photographers from around the country. I learned a lot and grew as a model, and had fun doing it. It was still work and I think it’s the first time I had experienced a 5am call time!”

Angel offers this advice to models just starting out. “Do your homework! Don’t get scammed! And shoot as much as you can. Build friendships and great working relationships with models and photographers alike. You learn a lot and it may even lead to recommendations on your behalf to clients.”

The brunette beauty would love to do more print work in the future. “My big dream is to be a CoverGirl. I’d love to shoot for more companies locally and nationwide. Ultimately, I want to transition into acting.” As far as a fantasy shoot, one day we may find Angel posing in an exotic location under a waterfall. “Vivid colors, tropical setting, followed by a cool drink… sounds good to me!”

Image of Angel OMP Model #106020 by Michael Anthony OMP Member #18683

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    “Heavenly is my Hot Model of the Day” OMP Member#144414

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