Pour Yourself a Nice Glass of Vintage… Lip Color!

Alessandra Foresto from Self.com reports on a new lipstick with the appeal of a fine wine! Here is her assessment!
What it is: A bottle of Dubonnet is not what we usually expect to pop up in the beauty department, but what really caught our eye were the three wine shade lipsticks that came with it!
Why it’s cool: Vino has recently made its way as an ingredient in our beauty routines, but the warm red shade named after Dubonnet has always been a classic! These three lipsticks by Clinique, MAC and Zethina were the perfect reminder that this deep, rich color goes with every season.
Where to find it: Shop for the Dubonnet shades at Clinique’s site, MAC’s online store and Zethina’s page. Get some Dubonnet cocktail recipes here.
Note to SELF: Need proof that wine lipstick is perfect for Spring? Check out Taylor Momsem and Drew Barrymore sporting the shade.

Source: http://link.gs/EYJj

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