The New Face of Chanel No. 5 – Audrey Tatou

Keira Knightley has done it, so has Nicole Kidman, and also Catherine Deneuve… Now French actress Audrey Tatou has made a commercial for Chanel No. 5 perfume. The actress, known for her work in “Amelie,” plays a single girl on a romantic train ride with destiny — and a hot young guy, who is enchanted by her beauty and her fragrance!

Watch the video

The commercial is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who also made Amelie, and was filmed in Nice and on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The concept was inspired by the Oscar-nominated film “A Very Long Engagement.” Tatou — set to portray the title role of Coco Chanel in Anne Fontaine’s new film “Coco avant Chanel” — found the whole experience “hard to believe.”

No. 5 is still the top-selling perfume in the world, almost 90 years after Chanel first created it.

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