From the Portfolio of Miss California

Controversy! It seems that every beauty pageant these days is fraught with drama. Take the recent Miss USA competition — while Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton won the crown, it is Miss California Carrie Prejean who has stolen the spotlight with her negative views on same-sex marriage.

Now a series of nude modeling photos is threatening to bring Prejean even more notoriety. has posted only one so far, but there are allegedly more to come, including a completely nude photo.

This could spell trouble for Miss California, whose contract strictly prohibits contestants being “photographed in a state of partial or total nudity.” However, she quickly released a statement calling the leak just one of a series of “attacks on me and my integrity as a woman.” We’ll keep you updated as the controversy (and the clothing) unfolds…

Left photo: Eric Jameson of AP Photo
Right photo:

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