Fetish Favorite Kess M is OMP’s Hot Model of the Day!

Our OMP Hot Model of the Day, Kess M OMP Model #407341 has only pursued her modeling career for a little over a year, but she is already a familiar face on the scene. And to think, she didn’t even want to become a model! She relates, “My friend dragged me to a group shoot when I was staying with her, and everyone kept asking me if I was one of the models. That’s how I got my start!”

Primarily known for her artistic and fetish work, Kess explains that she likes any assignment “that lets me pose and be bendy. Or where I get to shoot with another girl.”

This Jersey girl has some great advice for other models starting out. “Go there. It may feel funny, may look funny, but when you look at the final product, you can figure out what looks food. Then you have your own collection of fun funky poses that people will want to hire you for.”

Kess M’s goals as a model include modeling fulltime and getting in print. “I just hope that I can make this my career! I’m always trying to get better. Someday I might even make it in to a publication. That would be fancy, heh?”

Image of Kess M OMP Model #407341 courtesy of Dan Doyle Photography OMP Member #53176

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