Makeup Artist Cindy Cohen Works Her Magic for Maxim

Makeup Artist Cindy Cohen Works Her Magic for Maxim

Cindy Cohen 
(OMP Member #43096)
 has been perfecting the art of makeup design for the past 20 years. She got her start in the business by working in a department store on Long Island in New York, demonstrating techniques to customers. Her efforts paid off recently when her work was featured on the cover of Maxim Magazine Spanish Edition.

She first joined in 2003, after photographer she was shooting with introduced her to the site. Since then, she has been able to display her work on OMP to professional commercial photographers who would in turn contact her about hiring her for assignments.

In addition to Maxim, Cindy’s other clients have included Harley Davidson and Simply the Best magazine.

She points out the differences between doing makeup for magazine shoots and fashion shows. “The makeup for the camera is more exact because it is a still shot. A runway show is live and the models are constantly moving, so the makeup doesn’t have to be as exact, because the naked eye is not exact.”

Cindy has some advice for people interested in makeup careers. “Pick the type of makeup you want to excel in, and the medium, and become an expert in those areas. I chose photographic makeup and I excel in clean beauty.”

She also has an inspiring message for anyone in the arts. “To be good at anything. you have to really love what you do and have a passion for the work.”

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