Luana Sizzles as OMP’s Hot Model of the Day

Luana OMP Model #155259 is a marvelous model originally from Hawaii who currently resides in Southern California. This petite powerhouse has been modeling professionally for five years, ever since she turned 18, and is a fan favorite in the glamour photography industry.

She got her start as a model back in Hawaii. “I was shooting with local photographers, trying to build my portfolio and make some money. One Model Place was there since the beginning of my career, and I booked a lot of work just by posting images on my profile and responding to some of the modeling inquiries coming in. Then I met David of and started my own website, which allowed me to build a fanbase.”

One of the busiest working models in the business, Luana reveals some of her favorite modeling assignments. “Modeling for Mystique Magazine has been my favorite assignment by far. They have flown me out to exotic places such as Tahiti, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Kauai. I’ve always enjoyed being in front of Mark Daughn’s camera because he is just a genius when it comes to bringing out the best in models, and his lighting is impeccable. Shooting for Playboy also helped me gain recognition in the glamour industry.”

Playboy came calling on Luana after seeing her on One Model Place. “OMP was the largest model networking site back when I started, and it’s still the largest today. I actually booked my Playboy shoot from OMP! There are many industry professionals here, so being active in the online community really puts your face out there.”

Luana offers some great advice for other models who want to get their careers jump-started. “Figure out what type of modeling you are most interested in. Ask yourself what styles are you best suited for. Find your strengths, and then focus on highlighting them. It’s important to showcase your special unique qualities. Of course, you also want to show your versatility as a model. Finally, be sure to think over your decisions carefully and remember to give yourself a little reality check once in a while.”

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