Take a Break from Boring Fashion at The Shade Post!

From OMP Roving Reporter Sean Murdock OMP Member #87469

Designer Kayce Armstrong opened her new design house “The Shade Post” recently in Hollywood, Florida. Kayce is a friend of mine and one of the best designers I have ever had the pleasure of shooting for. Kayce is an artist first, and all else seems to fall into place second, at least in my opinion. She always breaks out of the norm and seems to push into a higher level in her work. I see a lot of people afraid to break through boundries in color, cut and style — they fall short of something amazing. Kayce pushes right on by and leaves behind a wake of masterpieces hanging on the racks.

Her line of clothing is recycled or cut apart pieces from existing clothing that she reclaims and makes into her fabulous couture line. Being a bit of a hippie mixed with a punk rock edge myself, I can truly appreciate this type of re-design.

Kayce is a wild child herself — she rocks her own clothing as well as the models hired for the runways. This year alone Kayce and I had the priviledge of shooting the D.C. based “Fashion Fights Poverty” campaign together, and her dresses are bound for the new Lancome and Jean Paul Gaultier perfume launches. This rock star image and the immense talent combined in one person are bound to send Kayce skyrocketing to the top.

For more info on Kayce’s work, visit her website

To see more of Sean’s work, check out his website

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