OMP Competition Winner Melany Celebrates Spring Break in Style

Melany OMP Model #187580 enjoyed the Spring Break adventure of a lifetime this year, as the winner of our latest OMP Competition. As part of the Classmate USA Spring Break Model Search, the San Diego stunner spent a few days in Panama City Beach posing for calendar pics and soaking in the sun.

Her vacation allowed her to escape her hectic schedule as a model, actress, and spokesmodel. “The trip was really fun and I met a lot of nice people. Also, it was definitely more mellow and relaxing than past Spring Breaks I have been on.”

She offers the following advice for models who want to join future OMP Competitions. “Just make sure that your photos in your port show a wide variety. And remember, your main photo should be very eye-catching!”

If Melany looks familiar, it’s because she has been featured in many films, television, magazines, ads, and industry events. For Playboy, she has appeared in the Feb. 2009 issue as well as on the website as a Cybergirl. She’s been seen at the Playboy Mansion frequently hosting events and bodypainted as one of Hef’s painted ladies.

The stunning beauty admits she has a very versatile look. “I am Venezuelan, so I am like a chameleon –- I have many different looks.” She has modeled for 5 years, ever since she started participating in pageants.

This sexy siren also has an athletic side as well. “One of my favorite assignments is my participation on the Lingerie Football League. You can go to and see my team roster – I play for the San Diego Seduction!”

Melany also gets physical whenever she prepares to get in front of a camera. “Working out is a great way to prepare for photo shoots. I pretty much live at the gym, because I love to work out! I also go tanning to have a nice glow.”

She points out that there are several rewards and challenges that come with a career in modeling. “The reward is the end result, when you see the beautiful photos that you and so many talented people worked so hard for and created together. A major challenge is that some poses are a little painful to hold, but they are the poses always come out the best in the photos!”

As for advice for models just starting out, Melany relates, “Never give up, even if people reject you! And practice makes perfect, so just keep practicing your poses and you will be on your way to becoming a really great model.”

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