Make a Difference This Summer!

One Model Place models and photographers in the DC area are making a difference this summer through fashion and modeling,

Earlier this year, OMP photographer PeterP aka Jamie Forhan (OMP Member #213963) formed a charitable corporation called the Munchkin Fund. He called on the OMP community for help and our members responded. George Will (OMP Member #12506) is the Fund’s Treasurer and Dr. Frederic Abramson, father of OMP model Drew (OMP Model #398769), is a board member.

Jamie set out to help another charitable organization, the Philippines Institute for the Deaf, by organizing a small charity fashion show. He again turned to the OMP community for models, and the OMP community responded again. The OMP charity fashion models have since become known as Jamie’s Angels.

Here’s an update on the Angels:
–Miranda Marie (OMP Model #392000) created the fashion show’s first webpage on MySpace and recently moved everything to its new home,
–Tamaran (OMP Model #380130) has recently taken over maintenance of the site.
– Katya (OMP Model #404917), Krys (OMP Model #403714), Sherryne (OMP Model #239886) and Jenna (OMP Model #392475) will be featured models at Saturday’s In the Click in Washington, DC. The In the Click will be at held at the studio of OMP photographer CEASAR, Studio 10, 2828 10th St. NE, Washington DC 20017 from 11AM-3PM. A portion of what they earn will benefit the Fund.
–The Angels will be involved in many other activities over the summer to help various charities in the DMV. On May 23rd, they’ll all be celebrating PeterP’s birthday by attending the 8th annual Maryland BBQ and Car Show in Severn, Maryland where Sherryne is a featured model helping to raise money for the Childhood Cancer Association.

PeterP will be going direct from the In the Click to the Frugal Fashionista’s Clothing Swap, where other OMP Photographers and makeup artists will be helping organizer Kim Pratt raise money for Bethany House of NOVA. Anyone is welcome to join him and help out.

The original fashion show was intended to be marketed to the public but the response has been overwhelming from the OMP community and the fashion community in the DC area. Cable Channel 44 has asked to broadcast it to the DC area as well as five South American countries and the Philippines. A local videographer will be filming a documentary about the fashion show for broadcast to Southeast Asia. Angel Katya will be moving to Senegal in a few months and will continue modeling on her return trips to the US as well as Europe. So word of the Fund has already spread to five continents. Can Australia be far behind?

As news of the show has spread through the OMP network, fashion photographers and designers have lent their support and several are planning to be at the In the Click. The original fashion show will now be a dress rehearsal for the OMP community. It will be at Ebenezer’s Coffee House, 201 F Street NE, Washington DC 20002 on May 31st from 6-9. The venue seats 100. The first 75 tickets will go on sale soon and 25 will be reserved for the designers and other sponsors.

Discussions are underway with one of the designers to organize a major fashion show later this summer with a committment to raise $100,000 over the next year.

Jamie invites everyone for the One Model Place community to come to the In the Click on April 18 to meet the Angels, get involved, and “make a difference.”

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