Find OMP on Twitter Next to Ashton Kutcher and CNN

One Model Place is now tweeting away on Twitter under two names: ompwebmaster and ompnewseditor Come follow us and catch all the latest news and updates from the world’s largest model and talent website!

Speaking of Twitter, we have been following the heated battle between actor Ashton Kutcher ad broadcasting company CNN to see who would reach 1 million Twitter followers first, and the winner is… Ashton Kutcher! His page ( was the first to reach 1 million users, as announced by their tweet: “Victory is ours!!!!!!!!” That was responded to by @cnnbrk’s tweets: “Congrats @aplusk. Ashton Kutcher is the first twitter account to reach 1MM followers.” and “Ashton Kutcher is first to reach 1 million followers in Twitter contest with CNN.”

Now that he has won, Kutcher will donate 10,000 mosquito bed nets to charity for World Malaria Day.

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