Melissa Jean Get Major "Cover"-age in Playboy

One Model Place is proud to present the new Playboy Natural Beauties cover featuring OMP model Melissa Jean, shot by fellow OMP member Jarmo Pohjaniemi!

Melissa Jean has been modeling for over four years, and got her start while collaborating with an artist in Arizona. “I met a local photographer and I told him I wanted to be a model. We began shooting nearly every day in his small home studio, everything from fashion to glamour to figure studies. Then we began to put together my online portfolio at He showed me the travel notice feature, and we both thought it would be fun to go out on the road so I could work with other people and have a unique experience. I didn’t have any obligations at the time so I decided to go for it.”

The pair traveled around for photo shoots throughout 2005. “We traveled to Arizona, California, Las Vegas, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, and I worked with about 60 different photographers. In my first year of modeling, I was on the cover and featured in a book called ‘Artistic Nude Poses’ by Joel Gilgoff as well as a calendar for the Bohemian Men’s Club in San Francisco. I was featured in several car calendars and Surfer Magazine Online. I did a variety of different photo shoots and it was quite an experience to say the least.”

Melissa Jean moved to Florida in January of 2007 and started working as a massage therapist. By the end of the year, however, she was back on OMP and started shooting again. “This time I was doing it on my own and didn’t have any travel expenses. I already knew the ins and outs of the biz and was able to book my own shoots. Real quickly things began to pick back up again as I started working with photographers in South Florida.”

She credits One Model Place with keeping her working. “All of my modeling work thus far has been generated from One Model Place. I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for OMP. I am very fortunate to be a part of the largest modeling/photography portfolio hosting site on the web.”

OMP was directly responsible when Playboy first took notice of the sexy brunette one year ago. “In May 2008, Jarmo Pohjaniemi, a contributing Playboy photographer, found me on One Model Place and read my blog regarding my wanting to get breast implants. He was pretty persistent and insisted that I let them see me natural first, because natural girls get first pick. I was surprised to hear that! I was very busy with my massage job and also traveling at the time, so I let a few months go by as I thought about the offer. In June of 2008 I went to his home in South Beach for a test shoot, and after 20 snapshots he said, ‘Okay, You’re done!’ He sent the photos to the editors in Chicago and L.A., and about a month and a half later said, ‘We would like to shoot you for Special Editions.’ I was ecstatic… this was the biggest modeling opportunity I had ever had. Two months later we did the shoot!”

The shoot turned out to be a great experience, even though the model admits it was the “most physically challenging shoot” she had ever done. “They had me in awkward glamour poses I did not know existed… of course, the most difficult ones turned out to be the most stunning! It was a long day, which started in the makeup chair at 7am, and ended after three sets around 6pm. They also have a long questionnaire for you to fill out in-between sets. So it’s a very busy day! Jarmo, Mary, and their crew worked very efficiently, and the day went very smoothly. They are totally professional and great to work with!”

The model, who is also an actress and spokesmodel, shares some advice with other aspiring talents. “Do check references on people who contact you to shoot, and if you can, bring someone with you on the shoot. Also, learn to do your own makeup! A lot of times you will not have a makeup artist available. Practice makes perfect. And, oh yes, never mix business with pleasure. Take my word — it just doesn’t work!”

Image of Melissa Jean OMP Model #338818 courtesy of Jarmo Pohjaniemi of Playboy Magazine OMP Member #68348

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