Heather Sizzles as OMP’s Hot Model of the Day

Heather OMP Model #74727 has been modeling for the past 7 years. She got her start by going to a modeling school, but soon after got a big revelation. “I realized that with a little work and doing some TFPs I could be where I am today without investing in modeling schools.”

Having started as a youth model, Heather likes to describe herself as a wholesome model with a lot of versatility and range. She tries to maintain that versatile nature as she has grown into a woman. “The transformation for me was relatively easy. I have managed to keep a youthful look with a bit of an edge.”

The California girl loves out of the box photo shoots with over the top wardrobe and makeup. “My most memorable shoot was the mermaid images I did with photographer Dave Feiling OMP Member 3407 . The styling was an adventure. It all started by roaming the beach and collecting just the right pieces of seaweed for ‘coverage.’ Then we were off to a fish market to take pictures of a real fish tail to Photoshop into the picture. It was a ton of fun and the pictures came out awesome!”

She takes extra care to be prepared for each photo shoot. “I always plan out my clothing and everything I need the day before so I can have the morning to think about what I need to do for the shoot that day. I bring a positive attitude, ready to shoot.”

Heather enjoys modeling in South California for several reasons. “You can’t beat the weather and with the variety of locations and scenery, the possibilities are endless. And then there is the advantage of having a lot of very talented stylists, MUAs, and photographers to work with in the area.”

Heather doesn’t remember how she first heard of One Model Place, which she says “makes me feel old!” She does recall how much the site has helped her achieve her career goals. “OMP has been invaluable for my career by providing me with exposure to wonderful photographers and models all over the country who are willing to help me gain more experience.”

Heather suggests that beginning models resist the urge to get high expectations right away. “If you are just starting out as a model, you’ll need a lot of patience. Anything worthwhile doesn’t come quickly. Also, don’t be discouraged by the rejection, it may be that your look just isn’t right for a given job, but will be perfect for the next one. Always try to raise the bar on the quality of work you do. Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’ if a project won’t benefit your career in a positive way.”

For young models who grow up in the business like Heather did, she offers the following piece of advice. “Know the market you are trying to pursue and keep your focus. Networking is invaluable, you never know when or who may be your avenue to success.”

Image of Heather OMP Model #74727 courtesy of Dave Feiling OMP Member 3407

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