Amanda Redd is On the Attack and In the Grapevine!

Los Angeles-based model Amanda Redd (OMP Model #267294) has two new projects that are sure to boost her profile in the modeling world. First, she is being featured on the G4 network’s “Attack of the Show” in their sexy “Women of the Web” segment. Her episode begins airing on Thursday, April 9th. Coming in May, she will be featured in Playboy Magazine in their notorious Grapevine section.

Modeling for the past several years, Amanda first got her start when a good friend started doing photography under the name Blue Lotus Art ( OMP Member 184708 ) and asked her to pose for some photos. Since then, she has graced the cover of OMP’s SNAP! and Birmingham Shops magazine

Amanda relates that One Model Place has helped her find exposure in the industry as well as multiple modeling assignments. She enjoys assignments where she can travel to exotic places like Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Lately, she has been getting booked as an underwater model with Broder Photography ( OMP Member 4703 ).

The opportunity to appear in Playboy’s Grapevine section was the result of a photo shoot with Alabama photographer dK ( OMP Member 4703 ). “Josh Robertson, an editor at Playboy in NYC, contacted me about using one of the images I shot with dK that he’d seen. I really appreciated that Josh asks the model’s permission to publish the image, even if she does not have the rights to said image.”

The opportunity to be showcased on “Attack of the Show” was through a more personal connection. “My boyfriend Eric Campos and Chris Gore have worked together for a long time on I started doing photography and I wanted to do a shoot with Chris and my Eric wearing some of my modeling clothes… which we did (needless to say it’s hilarious and I hope to make a book out of the series and give the proceeds to a GLT organization). I told Chris I was a huge fan of ‘AOTS’ so he brought me along to a taping of the show. We ran into the producer of the ‘Women of the Web’ segment, I gave him my card… and the rest is history. Basically, it was a case of being in the right place at the right time… and of course following the producer on Facebook so that he wouldn’t forget about me.”

Amanda offers some advice for other models who want to promote themselves. “Network, network, network. And never be afraid to ask… the worst that could happen is you get a ‘no.’”

To see more on Playboy Magazine, check out . Find out about “Attack of the Show” on G4 Network

Image of Amanda OMP Model #267294 courtesy of dK OMP Member 4703

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