On the Road with OMP

This is a shout out to the West Coast! One Model Place is coming back to Cali for a wild road trip up and down the state.

First we will be in San Diego for the Grand Opening of Backdrop Outlet on Saturday, Nov. 22 from 2-5 pm. OMP models and members are invited to attend for free. There will be meet and greets, photo shoots, discussions, and giveaways. You are invited to bring business cards, comp cards, portfolios and other materials to promote yourself to the modeling and photography community.

The event will be hosted by Backdrop Outlet, which is holding its grand opening that weekend. Special guest Sean Murdock (OMP Member #87469) will be at the event representing One Model Place and taking questions about the site and its new features. The location is the new Backdrop Outlet location at 3540 Seagate Way, San Diego, CA 92024. For further information, visit their site at www.backdropoutlet.com.

After San Diego, Sean will work his way up to L.A. and eventually the Bay Area, visiting local

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