Modelween 2008 a Spooky Success!

For those OMP models and members who were lucky enough to attend our 2008 Modelween events this past weekend, there’s no need to tell you how frighteningly fun they were! If you weren’t able to attend our Halloween parties in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Southern California, you missed a scary good time! From our guest hosts Tommy Lee and DJ Aero in South Florida to our crazy costume contest in Orange County, partygoers joined in on the fun way past midnight.

One eyewitness to the Tommy Lee experience had this to say:
“The music was loud, louder than I have ever heard a DJ play. My ears are still ringing two days later, but what’s to be expected from a rock and roll legend? Tommy Lee from the historic band Motley Crue hosted club Karu & Y’s Modelween Event for One Model Place last Friday in Miami. He spun an amazing set of rock/house music that was surprisingly very good. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a rocker turned DJ but I was very happy with his performance.
“The club was packed to the brim in every room. Karu & Y is massive and well in the realm of superclubs. There were outdoor gardens and little nooks with tables to hide away in. I will have to check the place out on a normal night to really see the layout since I could barely move with thousands of dancing people swaying about. If you were there, you know… If not, sorry you missed this epic night.”

Check back for more details, and keep an eye out for next year’s event schedule at

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