Step Up the the Community Bar!

The Community Bar is not a tavern, but it is a meeting place of sorts. It is an exclusive feature that makes it easier to connect with and keep track of your fellow members on One Model Place. This exclusive social networking tool, now located under the Header Bar, is designed to show that all OMP models, photographers, and talent are just a click away.

If you have been on One Model Place in the past week, you have most likely seen all the new features including the PicLens 3-D Picture Wall, Tags and Photo Comments! Well, now you can see and be seen on OMP! Just log and access the beta version of the site by following this link:

This will bring up your Community Bar. Here are just some of the new features you will find there:

1. You Can Leave Comments
Now you can tell someone on OMP that you like their photos or portfolio, send messages back and forth, even see what other people are commenting about your work.

2. See the Work and People You Like
Whether you like someone’s work or want to work with them, this is in effect your OMP hot list. Thumbnails of members’ profiles provide you with a glimpse of all other OMP members who you’ve tagged and who have tagged you!

3. Meet People Who Like Your Work
If a member has tagged you and wants to work with you, they will be visually displayed in this section.

4. Check Your Network
This is a list of all OMP members you have shot with in the past. Once you work with a member, they will join your exclusive network.

5: Find Your Work on Other Portfolios
This will let you know where your photos are being displayed on OMP. Finding your images on other member’s profiles has never been easier!

6: Catch the Latest Images Online
The Camera icon is the key to seeing anyone’s most recently uploaded images! Check out what your fellow members have been up to recently.

7: Report Misconduct
Another good reason to visit the Community Bar is if you ever need to report a member for misconduct. You can file your report directly to OMP’s administrative staff who will promptly look into the matter.

So visit the Community Bar today on the OMP main page and get connected!

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