D3X Will Be Out By Mid-Summer!

(The image to the left is an artist’s concept of the as-yet-unseen D3X — thanks to arhissstudios.com)

One Model Place recently sent its new “Out of the Box” correspondents, Wayne and Stan, to the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Show in Las Vegas, NV, to get details on all the latest products, and they came back with a scoop! The stalwart reporters met with a Nikon rep and confirmed that the D3X is coming soon!

D3X — the successor to the just-released D3, Nikon’s first full-frame sensor DSRL — has a tentative release date of mid-summer 2008. Pixel count is still TBA, but if it falls anywhere near the capabilities of the new Sony 24-megapixel full-sized chip, it will be revolutionary for Nikon and the rest of the photo community. In short, the D3X would be a tremendous asset to the Nikon line.

Another astute observation from our intrepid investigators: Even though attendance at PMA appears to be down this year, you couldn’t tell it from the crowds around Nikon, Canon, Olympus, and particulraly Pentax, which could very well be the sleeper of the show. With the release of their new line, look for Pentax to become an even greater force in the digital world.

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    Hmm I like OMP its best way to be model..


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