Up Close and Personal with Maxim’s New Hometown Hottie


Brunette beauty Erin McKinnon OMP Model #304174 , who recently was crowned Maxim Magazine’s “Hometown Hottie” winner, almost didn’t enter the competition. “I was getting ready for the Miss Florida USA pageant, so I didn’t publicize the Maxim contest at all. I actually tried to drop out of the competition when I was in the top 100 because it was stirring up a lot of commotion with the ‘Pageant People.’ Luckily for me, Icehouse was sponsoring the contest and because of that sponsorship I wasn’t able to drop out. Not to mention the fact that everything had already gone to print.”

Erin readily admits that no one was more surprised than her when she won the competition. “I flew up to NYC to do some press for the finalists. I just thought I was the only girl that was able to go to NYC at the time. I walked in for my interview and everyone screamed, ‘Congratulations!’ I was floored and thought the whole thing was a big joke. I kept thinking that this should be happening to someone else.”

She had a great time at the party that Icehouse and Maxim threw for all of the finalists in South Beach. “That was the first time I had ever been out in South Beach, and it was amazing. I also met a lot of people at the event – I don’t think I can ever attend a party without networking. There are some pictures on the Maxim photo blog that basically describe it all. The cool part of the night is when they introduced us at the club. I think that was the first time it really hit me that I had won.”

To see more of Erin’s exclusive interview with One Model Place, follow this link: Modeling In Focus

Photo courtesy of Andre Rowe of Rowe Photography OMP Member 24722

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