Eight Posing Tips For Male Models

Posing is an art. In modeling, you can make the difference between a simple portrait and a work of art worthy of magazines and great campaigns.

The next time you pose in front of the camera, consider these 8 tips and manage to better communicate the context and message of your pictures.

If you are a photographer, communicate effectively what you want to transmit so that the models pose as you wish.

1. Contrapposto (Italian pronunciation: [kontrapˈposto]) is an Italian term that means counterpoise. It is used in the visual arts to describe a human figure standing with most of its weight on one foot so that its shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs. (source: Wikipedia). Managing this pose is a basic in male modeling. Achieve a natural and casual look without losing elegance in your photo sessions.

2. Strolling: For some, it can be seen as a simple walk, but a professional model knows the difference. By strolling in a correct way, the model manages to show confidence and naturalness in the photographs, in addition to successfully showcase the products of the shoot (Clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.). It’s also a basic pose of male modeling which all models must handle to perfection.

3. Hands in pockets: An easy go-to pose. You can demonstrate security or shyness depending on the language of the rest of your body. It can be used in many different types of shoot and allows to successfully display a garment.

4. Arching Arm: A pose that transmits elegance and power. Perfect to show elegant clothes. By managing it in the right way you can also achieve confidence-filled pictures.

5. One Leg Up: a perfect pose to show naturalness and confidence. It can be used both standing or seating and with many clothing styles. It’s very important to take into account that the language of the rest of your body will set the tone for this pose.

6. The Model Jump: Although it requires practice, once perfected this technique, you can achieve incredible photos. It’s important not to neglect the facial expressions and the way the clothes move during the jump.

7. Touch your face: Do it naturally without covering your most attractive features. You can transmit reflection and seriousness in a profound way with an artistic result.

8. Squat: Hit the ground for a more urban and confident result. The perfect pose to show cool clothes and shoes.

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Seven Tips about Working with Models That Every Photographer Should Know

When working on photoshoots with models, photographers need some hacks, depending on the occasion. Here are some tips to make your next session a success.

  1. Choose the right model: Be clear about the purpose of your session, the concept and place to know which model is best suited. Take into account their looks, body, complexion, and attitude in front of the camera. 

  2. Explain the concept: models need to know well the concept of the campaign in order to adapt and be able to transmit what is sought. Explain them if it will be a dark or more relaxed shoot.

  3. Give clear instructions: give the necessary directions for the shoot to flow. Models need feedback to know if they are doing a good job. Try to be clear in your instructions and if you need to pose yourself to achieve that perfect picture, do it.

  4. Take a break: Take small breaks between costume changes or light settings, especially during long shoots. This ensures that everyone is in a good mood and working with the best attitude.

  5. Be positive: some models are very shy and find it hard to get in the mood for the shoot. If your attitude is positive and respectful you can help them to loosen up a bit and everything flows much better.

  6. Take care of your team: Take into account the environmental elements present at the shooting location. Make sure your team has everything they need for a successful workday. For example: if you have a photo shoot at the beach in the middle of summer, make sure you have plenty of refreshments and shaded areas to rest from the heat.

  7. BTS pics are beautiful too: Do not stop taking pictures even when the model is not posing. Many times the best shots are achieved when the model is more relaxed, achieving more candid and pleasant photos. In addition, these photos can be part of your portfolio or the model’s.

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8 Posing tips for the best Photoshoot

Posing for the camera is not so simple. Knowing your angles and knowing how light affects your face and body is vital to achieve the desired result and have an amazing photo shoot.

Here, some tips to pose as a professional and achieve an incredible portfolio:

1. Practice in front of the mirror: know your angles, know how your body looks in certain positions and decide if you like how it would look in a photo, and how the photographer would see it through his lens.

2. Separate you arms from your body to achieve a more slender result. You prevent your body from looking uncomfortable and tight.

3. Understand how light works: try not to interpose between light and you, use it to your advantage and try not to cast a shadow over your face or body. Ask the photographer to guide you to achieve the best result and make the most of the light.

4. Lengthen your neck in front of the mirror and notice how your whole body looks straighter. Although it feels unnatural, the result in the photos is excellent.

5. Keep your hands loose: try to separate the fingers of your hands in a natural way, so that you don’t look tense in the photos.

6. Have fun: if you are wearing a long dress or some fun pattern, move (always being aware of the light) and have a good time with whatever you have around. Be creative and give the photographer more than just rigid and boring poses.

7. Showcase the product: if you are trying to sell a product, make sure your poses don’t hide it, always showing its attributes.

8. Get ideas from magazines and online photos, talk to other models and get tips from their previous work. Do not get carried away by those who say that other models are always your competition and that a friendship is impossible. Support your colleagues and give them your advice to improve.

Final Tip: Browse the photographer and model profiles on OMP to get some inspirations

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Tips for a successful photoshoot (For aspiring Models and Photographers)

Whether you are a model or a photographer, there are recommendations for a successful photoshoot. From the care of your gear, to the wardrobe, makeup and personal appearance. Take care of every detail so that your session is productive.

If you are an aspiring model

If you want to venture into the world of modeling successfully, there are several tips that you should know to feel comfortable and achieve the result you want so much.

1. When choosing a good photographer, review their work and portfolio. Meet them in person and follow your intuition. It is important that you feel comfortable.

2. Choose in advance the outfits you will use. Make sure they’re clean and ironed. If you do not know what to use, get advice from an image expert. Search for ideas in magazines and the internet.

3. Decide if you will make your photos outdoors or in a studio. If you go for the first option, consider the weather conditions.

4. If you want to use makeup, make sure you have all the necessary implements (and time). If you do not know about makeup, hire a professional makeup artist or a friend who can help you. For men: take care of your beard and facial hair, so that at the time of your session the photos will not show a sloppy beard. A visit to the barber the day before can help you a lot.

5. Practice your poses: find the angles that make you look better in front of the mirror; know your body and what you can do with it so that you look good in your photos.

6. Relax: try to have fun in your photoshoot so that it is reflected in the final work. Concentrate on posing and doing a good job, but without losing the fun. Put on your favorite music and have a good time taking your photos.

If you’re starting as a  Photographer

If you have had enough practice with your camera and feel ready to take a more professional path as a photographer, follow these tips to have a successful photoshoot:

1. Make sure your equipment is in good condition and charged from the night before.

2. Know your customers or models in advance. Having a good relationship and establishing a bond of trust before can make the photoshoot more fluid.

3. If the photo session will be in a studio, investigate the conditions first so you are comfortable. If you consider that the conditions are not the best for your work, recommend the one you like the most.

4. Be clear about the costs: present an honest budget according to your work and experience.

5. Keep your portfolio or web page up-to-date: include the works that you like the most (with model and client authorization) in your portfolio or web page so that future clients can see your work and you can grow your client portfolio.

6. Enjoy: put your favorite music on if your model feels comfortable and enjoy the shoot.

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Our Favorite Looks from Past Met Galas

The MET Gala is, undoubtedly, one of the most important nights of culture, fashion and art. The biggest pop figures gather to celebrate fashion in a unique way on a night organized by the legendary Anna Wintour. Every year the most extravagant proposals come together and everyone sets their sights on the big event. This 2018 MET Gala’s Theme is Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and will be held next May 7th at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

These are some of our favorite MET Gala dresses through the years:

Priyanka Chopra - MET Gala 2017

1. Priyanka Chopra: A unique twist to our beloved trenchcoat that only Priyanka Chopra can pull up.

Zendaya - MET Gala 2015

2. Zendaya sure knew how to attract all eyes at the China: Through the Looking Glass MET Gala.

Blake Lively - MET Gala 2017

3. Blake Lively never disappoints us, and her look for the MET Gala 2017 was no exception.

Kendall Jenner - MET Gala 2017

4. One of the most sexy and daring looks we’ve seen. Kendall showed her perfect legs in a transparent dress that left little to the imagination and we loved it!

Beyoncé Knowles - MET Gala 2015

5. She is the queen and we know it. Beyonce stole all eyes in 2015 thanks to this see-through dress. Her amazing body and gravity-defying ponytail were all over the news.

Gisele Bundchen - MET Gala 2017

6. Simple, yet unforgettable. Gisele always dazzles us with her elegance and beauty.

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Our 7 Favorite Magazine Covers

Magazines Covers

Playboy – October 1971.

The beautiful Darine Stern was the first african-american woman to appear on the cover of Playboy. We loved the light, the smile, and the afro. Later, in 2009, Marge Simpson payed a little homage… and we loved it too.

Rolling Stone – September 1993

This unforgettable Janet Jackson’s cover was shoot without any Rolling Stone’s creative team members involved. The great picture was part of Janet’s album artwork, she offered it to be the cover and Rolling Stone’s Laurie Kratochvil loved it. The rest is history… Magazine amazing history.

Time Magazine – April 14 1997

We all love Ellen DeGeneres. The TV host is always funny, honest, and candid, and this cover didn’t disappoint. She came out as gay on the cover of one of the world’s most important magazines with a big kind smile and we love it.

Beyoncé’s Vogue

She’s not only a queen on stage. Beyoncé’s versatility has made her one of the most powerful women in the world. We love this cover because of its simplicity and elegance.

Vanity Fair – October 2008

An icon, a star, and an unforgettable talent. We love the fact that Vanity Fair put Marilyn Monroe on its 25th anniversary cover and made history for sure.

W Magazine – October 2010

Some love her, some hate her. But Kim Kardashian can pose and she can sell magazines for sure. She made history with this controversial cover with a (very honest) statement.

Lui Magazine – 2014

Rihanna is just being herself and that’s why we love her. This shoot was so controversial, Instagram deleted her account after she posted the pictures, but the Internet is here to save us and let us see her Lui cover for all eternity.

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How to Prepare for a Modeling Audition

What is Expected During Modeling Auditions and Open Calls

There are few things more exiting in the modeling world than getting a call for an audition. All of us want our meetings to go smoothly and look as beautiful as ever, but there are some tips to make this process easier for you. We have a few tricks on how to best prepare yourself for that audition or open call you might like to attend.

Be Prepared:

Always arrive at least 15 minutes early and be ready to fill out a modeling application. Ensure you bring your headshots and resumes to leave behind as well; they act as your business card in the modeling industry. You can bring them separately, but it will be best to bring an 8.5×11 headshot with your resume printed directly onto the back. Always arrive with your hair and makeup ready, most chances are you will be photographed.

What to Expect During Modeling Auditions:

Model agents look for certain traits when auditioning new talent. These include: Personality, camera ready appearance, maturity and ability to take direction. An agent will also look for an understanding of the industry’s vocabulary, so be prepared to recognize important words and lingo of the industry.

What to Expect During the Selection Process:

You will normally be given a brief explanation of the industry and the specific job. Most agencies will explain how they operate, make sure to ask any questions you may have at this time. The modeling agent will also define what the current modeling industry needs are. These are based on different market demands.

What to Expect When Being Accepted:

After a modeling audition, if the modeling agent feels that the applicant does not meet market demands, he/she will suggest that the applicant come back for a new audition in 6 to 12 months. The agent makes this recommendation based on how ready the model is when they first meet with them. Sometimes the agent may make suggestions to applicants to help further their career.

If the agent feels that the applicant is an ideal candidate, the next steps you will encounter are as follows: Filling out the necessary paperwork, and gathering marketing materials.

What to Expect Regarding Having Professional Photographs Taken:

The agency will find what works best for you. They usually have a variety of photographers to recommend, with a range of price points to fit your budget. The agency can also recommend a photographer that will work best with your style, goals and personality.

… In Short, this is what most agencies will expect:

- We expect the model to be a representation of our agency

- We expect all models to the highest level of professionalism

- We expect the model to understand what it means to always be ready.

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Top Ten Modeling Tips for Aspiring Models

  1. Whether you’re just starting out as a model or you’re an experienced pro, you should always feel comfortable modeling. Before any shoot, you should either have a phone call or a sit-down meeting (in a public place) with your photographer to discuss the shoot. Always always always bring an escort to a photo shoot. The majority of photographers should feel comfortable with this providing that your escort keeps their distance and doesn’t interfere. If a photographer insists you come alone, simply don’t go. Safety should always come first.
  2. Do your research before working with ANYONE. Make sure they are credible and professional. Check references. You should also make sure their work is up to your standards and will portray you in a way that you want to be portrayed.
  3. Always be prepared and come on-time to your photo shoots. This is extremely important in setting the right tone for the shoot. Typically, money is on the line and you don’t want the photographer, client, and the rest of the crew frustrated at you from the get-go. Shoots typically are a lot more successful when there is a good vibe all-around.
  4. Communication is key! You never want to show up to a shoot when you and your photographer are not on the same page; it can cause unnecessary tension if you have different expectations. If you are NOT okay with lingerie, implied, nude, etc, make that 100% clear so there is no confusion. Be aware that your body, your photos, and your portfolio is your brand. If you’re not comfortable with nude or implied, it should be respected. Do not let anyone try to sway you with money.
  5. Know the poses for the genre of your shoot. Poses can be quite different in each genre of photography. For example, glamour poses are quite different from fashion poses. Practice in front of a mirror. Your preparation can make all the difference on whether the photographer decides to work with you again. You can find a number of posing guides online and in books to help you prepare.
  6. Networking- the more people you know in the industry, the more likely you are of finding work or being discovered. Always keep an eye out for new agents, photographers, or other pros in the modeling industry. Reach out to others and compliment them on their work, inquire about working with them, and so forth. Most importantly, follow up. Following up is key to keeping yourself fresh in the minds of others, which in turn will keep you at the head of the line for job opportunities.
  7. Know the ins and outs of your industry. Just like about any other profession, the more you know, the more you’re worth. So read up on everything you can and listen to other pros in the industry. Know the names of agencies, photographers, designers, and other industry influencers. Know what’s trending. Know what things cost and how much others are being paid for their work. Become a student of your profession and you will find yourself ever more confident and successful.
  8. Arrange your portfolio with your favorite 6-12 professional photos. By using 6-12 photos, you can show multiple looks but still keep it simple. Get feedback from photographers or agents on what to include and what to take out. Remember to only showcase your best work. A good rule of thumb is to always have quality over quantity.
  9. Don’t be afraid to knock down doors! Going into agencies during an open call is a great way to get noticed and get feedback. Always ask for honest feedback on your portfolio. If you are turned away, don’t get discouraged. Different agencies are looking for different looks. You will probably hear multiple no’s before you hear a yes.
  10. Social Media IconsSocial media is huge for agencies right now. Agencies such as IMG are conducting social media scouting with the hashtag #WLYG. Ford Model Management does “Fresh Face Friday” where you can submit a selfie for a chance to be scouted. Many agencies also include on their Instagram pages where they’ll be scouting. Following agencies is a great way to stay informed with what they’re looking for and where they’re looking.Here is a list of agencies you may want to follow: @nextmodels @fordmodelsscout @weloveyourgenes (IMG), @wilhelminamodels. Some agencies have Instagram pages specific to the area such as Next Models Miami with the handle, @nextmodelsmia. Go to your favorite agency’s website to find more social media links.
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Creating the Makeup Effect for a Greaser Inspired Shoot

By Natalia Zurawska, professional makeup/hair/spfx artist

Although I have been involved in a number of great projects over the years, one of my recent favorites was a greaser-style shoot with the rock band, Hedley. Besides working with Hedley, one of the things that made this shoot so special was a top notch team including Matt Barnes (photographer), Courtney Boyd (producer), and Dwayne Kennedy (wardrobe stylist).

There is a lot that goes into the production of a large-scale photo shoot. Time is money and the shoot must run smoothly. Communication is very important, so budgets, looks, location and scheduling were all discussed at a pre-production meeting for this shoot took place. At the end of the day, we needed to put together a well-executed shoot and produce something awesome.

At the pre-production meeting, Matt Barnes explained the lighting, how the shots were going to be organized as well as what looks he liked for us to go with. From my end, I relayed to the producer my requirements that all of the models come with clean, dry hair, no makeup and no nail polish.

Image Courtesy of www.mamamia.com.au

The theme for this photo shoot was very “Greasers” inspired. Once learning about this, I researched a lot of 50’s looks that would compliment the concept. I also needed to go with great looks that could be done in the shortest amount of time with lasting power as there were 3 locations and some of the shots were outdoors. I watched the movie “Grease” for reference.

On the shoot day, Dwayne, the models, Hedley, and Courtney all got organized. Since all the shots were group shots and everyone was a “hero” (no background talent), it meant we all had to work well and quickly as a team. Dwayne would take certain models and dress them while I started on hair.

Hot roller sets for this shoot were essential. They heat up quickly and are very easy to put into the hair. Also, while the hair sets, I am able to start on makeup. Adding mousse and hairspray before setting the hair not only protects hair from heat, it makes curls last and gets rid of frizz. Using different sizes of rollers creates different textures, all while fitting into the “Greasers” theme perfectly. Smaller sized hot rollers are perfect for short hair while larger sized rollers are perfect for longer hair. I use Conair© (www.conair.com) hot rollers and TRESemmé (www.tresemme.ca) mousse and hair spray.

I also like to make sure the hands, skin, and feet (if showing) are perfect. I quickly painted the nails red to complete the look while the hair was setting before starting on makeup application. “I’m a Waitress” by O.P.I (www.opi.com) was the perfect shade for the nails.

For a 50’s inspired look, a paler complexion looks great. Since some of the shots were outdoors on a summer day, I made sure to apply sunblock as sunburns can develop quickly. Applying sunblock first allows time for it to get absorbed into the skin. I prefer sunblock from Dermalogica® (www.dermalogica.ca). If the model has great, pale skin, I tend to add as little makeup as possible as I really believe in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A little bit of concealer under the eyes goes a very long way. If extra coverage is needed, Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro (www.faceatelier.com) is my go to for flawless results. I dot on a little concealer after foundation and blend, in order not to wipe it away. Powder is always a necessity to reduce shine. It is also important for setting the foundation and concealer. I typically go with Cover FX (www.coverfx.com) for powder.

Brows are groomed, shaped and stray hairs are tweezed if needed. I then fill them in if necessary and make them look as symmetrical as possible. I love Gimme Brow by Benefit (www.benefitcosmetics.com).

Image Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Dita Von Teese was a great example of the makeup and hair we wanted to fit the theme of the shoot. I always apply a primer or concealer on the eyelid. It helps makeup stay put for hours. I then begin to apply a neutral eye shadow to the lid. The lightest shade of eye shadow will go in the inner part of the eyes as it really makes eyes pop. The darkest colour of eye shadow is applied to the outer edges of the eyes. False lashes are a necessity for this look. I apply them as close to the eye line as possible and finish with eyeliner. I used eye shadow (Vanilla, Semoa Silk, and Brun) and Eyelashes (#20) by MAC (www.maccosmetics.com). For eye liner, I used the “Noir” color from Crème Eye Liner by Laura Mercier (www.lauramercier.com).

A little blush on the apples of the cheeks balances out the whole look. I used the radiance blush in Romantic Rose from Elizabeth Arden (www.elizabetharden.com).

Red lips are a must for this look. To make sure the lipstick stays pristine, I apply a red lip liner all over the lips, followed by lipstick in the same shade. I make sure the lips are symmetrical and filled in using a lip brush as it provides a lot more control and keeps everything hygienic. Using a little bit of powder around the mouth sets the makeup and prevents lipstick from bleeding. I used MAC’s Russian Red (www.maccosmetics.com).

The rollers are taken out last and hair is brushed and sprayed. I use bobby pins and a few accessories to perfect the style.

In the diner shot, a litte bit of “theatrical dirt” adds to the look. Grease and glycerin and water are used to create the look of sweat on the cook.

Hedley was groomed with a little sunblock, concealer and powder. Hair was styled to perfection. Tattoos are emphasized by using a little bit of baby oil gel. John Travolta in “Grease” was a perfect reference for the look they wanted.

Once makeup, hair, nails and the body are all completed, I create a touch up kit to bring with me on location. I like to keep brushes and makeup in different Ziploc bags to keep everything hygienic. I also include hairspray, bobby pins, brushes, sunblock as well as covered straws (prevents lipstick from smearing when drinking). Bringing little fans when it is hot does wonders to keep everyone happy.

While Matt worked his magic behind the camera, I did touch ups as needed . Once the shoot was wrapped, I made sure everyone got a wipe or some face wash.

All and all, the shoot went really well and the final images turned out great.

Happy Shooting!

Natalia Zurawska (Makeup Artist) – www.colourchameleon.com
Matt Barnes (Photographer) – www.thatsthespot.com
Courtney Boyd (Producer) – www.kithandkin.ca
Dwayne Kennedy (Wardrobe Stylist) – www.thecollections.ca/dwaynekennedy
Hedley – www.hedleyonline.com

Greaser Style Shot with Hedley in front of Orange Building

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Q&A with Model – Jade Amber (OMP ID: 406737)

Portrait Bikini Photo of Jade AmberIf you aren’t familiar with the incredibly beautiful and talented Jade Amber (OMP ID: 406737), it’s time to take notice. Jade has been an OMP member since 2009 and is a true success story. Not only is she a fantastic model, she is a true pro in the industry. A model that any photographer or client would be lucky to work with.

We managed to get a few minutes out of her busy schedule to pick her brain about her modeling career.

OMP: Thanks so much for answering our questions today! So to start, how long have you been modeling for?
JADE: Thanks for having me! I’ve been modeling for about thirteen lovely years now.

OMP: How did you get into modeling?
JADE: I entered an LA Looks Hair Gel Contest out of a Teen Magazine and I placed in the top fifteen out of two hundred and fifty thousands girls and I was one of the ten that wasn’t selected, but LA models signed me and started flying my mom and me to and from LA! Awesome experience for a young girl.

Are you currently signed with anyone?
JADE: I am non-exclusive with a few agencies and am getting ready to sign with Wilhelmina.

OMP: What do you do as far as diet and exercise?
JADE: I do 6 days a week of working out with at least 30 minutes of cardio. I eat very clean, lots of greens and chicken.

OMP: Has OMP been beneficial to your modeling career?
JADE: Absolutely! OMP has helped me meet some amazing people in the industry who have booked me for work or who have referred me to others for work.

Black and White Bikini Shot of Jade AmberOMP: What is a perfect photographer like for you?
JADE: Someone who is professional in their career and strives for success as I do. A photographer that can see a vision beyond just a beautiful woman.

OMP: If you could go back and start all over again, would you?
JADE: I would not, I’ve been very blessed with the people who have supported me and I know this is only the beginning for me (big smile).

OMP: Do you do anything before a shoot to prepare?
JADE: Yes, I search out concepts and investigate who I will be working with just to make sure they’re on the level. I also crack down on my eating and working out prior to.

OMP: Where would your dream shoot be?
JADE: I’ve always wanted to shoot in Greece. I have no doubts that it will happen (big smile).

OMP: Where is the coolest place you’ve ever shot?
JADE: Absolutely would be South Africa!! So amazing! A two week journey and the adventure of my life!

OMP: Have you ever been scammed? Do you have any tips to avoid scammers?
JADE: I can’t say that I have. I’m very particular with who I work with and I do a lot of research.

OMP: Do you bring an escort to your shoots?
JADE: I have, but not always and I try to never take a boyfriend, it can be conflicting.

OMP: Have you ever dealt with an inappropriate photographer? If so, how did you know it was time to leave?
JADE: I can’t really remember a time, but if I had to deal with that, I would just be professional, do my job then address it afterwards. If it’s too inappropriate, I’d have to address it then and if the shoot ended over it, then so be it. If you’re not professional, I’d rather not work with you.

OMP: Do you have any tips for a model who is just getting started?
JADE: Be careful what you shoot and who you shoot with. Do your research on the photographer and make sure that you’ll be safe.

OMP: Thanks so much for talking with us today, we really appreciate it!
JADE: Thank you!

To see more of Jade’s work, view her profile here, www.onemodelplace.com/jadeamber , or go to her website at www.jade-amber.com

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